Dr. Lindsey, hair transplant expert, coming to Richmond

We are excited to announce that Dr. William Lindsey who specializes in hair transplant and restoration will be coming to Richmond to consult with patients at Dr. Cohen’s office. Dr. Lindsey is a Board certified Otolaryngologist who is Fellowship trained in Facial Plastic Surgery. He has 24 years of experience in hair transplantation and has done 2400 hair transplant surgeries.
Dr. Lindsey is a graduate of the University of Richmond and the University of Virginia medical school, where he studied with Dr. Cohen. He has built a thriving and well-respected practice in Northern Virginia and has patients who travel from Richmond to see him for his expertise in hair restoration.
Dr. Lindsey would like to make himself more accessible to those Richmond patients looking for excellence in hair restoration. Starting this month, Dr. Lindsey and his staff will meet with interested patients here in Richmond one day each month. To book a consult, please call Dr. Lindsey’s office directly at (703) 356-3260.
To learn more about Dr. Lindsey’s practice, visit www.drwilliamlindsey.com. You can also click here to watch his video about coming to Richmond.
Welcome Dr. Lindsey – we are excited to have you in Richmond!

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