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Dr. Cohen strives to educate her patients on what to expect before, during, and after each treatment. Detailed information about specific procedures can be found on their pages, but this page will answer several frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery?

There can be a big difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery because of the surgeon who performs the procedures. A board certified plastic surgeon specializes in this field, with specific training and five to seven years of residency practice performing plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be performed by several different types of doctors, many of whom do not have training in plastic surgery and are not board certified. This short video, featured on the American Board of Plastic Surgery website, helps further explain the difference.

How frequently do men have treatments at your clinic?

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more common for men. The number of male patients at our clinic continues to increase for both surgical procedures and less invasive procedures such as Botox, laser treatments, and Kybella.

What financing and payment options are available?

The clinic accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit cards and offers the Care Credit Program. Care Credit is a credit card used specifically for health care purchases. The application is quick and easy, and there are several financing options, some with no interest. Please visit Care Credit for more information.

Are there any procedures that would be covered by my insurance?

Generally, procedures that are related to medical care will be covered, while purely elective treatments will not be covered. However, each insurance policy is different, and Dr. Cohen’s team can help you look into these coverage questions if necessary.

Are there any discounts or savings programs for recurring treatments or products?

Patients are encouraged to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions® through Allergan. By registering for this program, you will earn points for many minimally invasive treatments, such as Botox and Juvederm, or for the purchase of qualifying skin care products. These points accumulate and earn you dollars toward future treatments or products. You also receive special offers from Allergan. Please visit the Brilliant Distinctions® website for more details. Dr. Cohen’s staff will be happy to help enroll you in the program on your next visit so that you can start saving.

Can I have several procedures performed at the same time?

Procedures can often be combined to be performed in one visit, depending on the type and extent of the procedure. There are several factors taken into consideration, so this can vary quite a bit. For example, Botox and Juvederm treatments can usually be performed in the same visit, while a laser treatment generally should not be combined with other rejuvenation procedures. Also, for many treatments, Dr. Cohen may want you to experience them gradually in order to achieve the most natural result and receive the maximum benefit from the treatments working together. The timing of your treatments can be discussed during your consult when Dr. Cohen will be able to evaluate you and learn about your specific goals.

How long is a consultation and how much does it cost?

Depending on the nature of the treatment you are considering, a consult can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, or possibly longer for a reconstructive treatment consult. This initial consultation with Dr. Cohen is $70.00.

What happens at a consultation appointment?

During a consultation, you will meet with a nurse and with Dr. Cohen directly. Dr. Cohen will examine you and evaluate you medically, and she will talk with you to learn about your concerns and goals for treatment. She can then craft a treatment plan customized for you, help you plan the best timing for the treatment, and answer any questions you may have.

How long is the wait for a consultation appointment?

On average, the wait to book a consultation is 3 to 10 days, though it can vary. There is also a cancellation waitlist for patients who have more flexible schedules and would like to be scheduled with shorter notice if an appointment time opens up.

If I'm unhappy with my results, is there anything I can do?

The answer to this question depends greatly upon the procedure being performed. Some rejuvenation procedures are temporary, and some injectable treatments have a method by which they can be dissolved. However, with any procedure, Dr. Cohen will have reviewed the anticipated results with you to be sure that your expectations are accurate and that your goals are achievable. She will be confident that she can achieve the result you desire before recommending any course of treatment.