Reconstructive Procedures

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is about more than just restoring your appearance – it’s about helping you feel confident in your body again. Dr. Cohen is specialized in reconstructive procedures for patients who have survived cancer, suffered burns, and lived through serious injuries that left them with noticeable scars. Whatever your needs, she will work closely with you on a treatment plan that restores both your body and your confidence.

Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures can be emotional, and for many women, can signify a loss of femininity. Breast reconstruction restores natural breast shape and size following trauma or surgery. Find out more >

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

After a tissue removal surgery, the surface of the skin can be left with noticeable indentations and scarring. Dr. Cohen specializes in several techniques that restore the skin’s natural, smooth surface. Find out more >

Burn and Scar Care

Burns and scars can leave you feeling self-conscious, no matter their size, but Dr. Cohen offers surgery and minimally invasive procedures to repair them. Find out more >