Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Surgery is often necessary to remove cancerous cells, which can cause damage to the surrounding skin. Dr. Cohen’s specialized reconstructive techniques can restore your skin to a more natural appearance following a skin cancer treatment.

Each patient’s reconstructive procedure depends on the size and location of the skin cancer and treatment area. If the area is small or shallow, it can often be treated with sutures to minimize scarring. If the area is larger or deeper, Dr. Cohen may move local tissue or use a skin graft to reconstruct it. The goal for each treatment plan is to restore the area’s natural form and function.

Recovery time for reconstructive procedures is short, and most patients can resume their normal activities after a day of rest. Strenuous activities should be avoided for several days following the treatment. The reconstructed area may take several months to settle and reveal your final result, and in some cases, a small revision may be required to achieve the best result. Dr. Cohen and her team will provide ongoing support through the healing process to help with recovery and scar management.


Dr. Cohen is committed to ensuring her patients are informed and comfortable with their decision. Below, you will find a link to our frequently asked questions. If you would like to discuss this procedure further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.