Dr. Cohen is committed to providing the best environment and care for her patients as she helps them achieve their goals. Every visit to the clinic is unique, but Dr. Cohen and her team ensure that every patient’s experience is a positive one.

“Compassionate, kind and artfully skilled”

Dr. Leslie Cohen is an incredible surgeon who is compassionate, kind, and artfully skilled in her profession. Until my surgery with Dr. Cohen, I had never had any surgery and was slightly nervous about going under general anesthesia. Dr. Cohen and her wonderful staff put me at ease and made me feel comfortable, well informed, and confident in my surgical decision. Every nurse with whom I spoke with as well as other Dr. Cohen patients have all said that Dr. Cohen is the best plastic surgeon in the Richmond area. I never felt any pressure and I felt knowledgeable on what to expect with the surgery and recovery. I also had an excellent experience at Retreat Hospital where Dr. Cohen performs her surgery. Overall, I rate my experience as “5-stars” and I am happy with my amazing results. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen to all of my friends, family, and colleagues looking for a surgeon. – Brooke G.

“I could not have been placed in better hands…”

A year and half ago I was given a breast cancer diagnosis. A bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive process began with Dr. Cohen at my side. Her meticulous care has always been reassuring to me, knowing that she would never leave me unhappy or dissatisfied. Her staff and I know each other quite well, and I am able to walk into her office without any trepidation. They have taken very good care of me. While I am at the final stage of this process, I always know that Dr. Cohen is there if I will need anything in the future. I could not have been placed in better hands, and have had a tremendous experience with her as my surgeon. My final result looks wonderful. Thank you so much for your time, patience and dedication. —Laura M.

“There is one exceptional plastic surgeon and that is Dr. Leslie Cohen.”

There are many plastic surgeons to choose from in the Richmond area, and I’m sure many are very good. However, my experiences tell me that there is one exceptional plastic surgeon and that is Dr. Leslie Cohen. Going through breast reconstruction after cancer is not easy and the surgeon you choose is key. Dr. Cohen came highly recommended and she has not disappointed; in fact she has surpassed all expectations to date. You won’t find a better listener, communicator or skilled surgeon. From start to finish, she is precise, detailed, and genuine. Moreover, her team at Retreat Hospital is outstanding. She is the best. Period. — Mary H.

“Friends and family say I look 10 or 20 years younger.”

Dr. Cohen was solicitous of my comfort and welfare throughout the process. She willingly explained the process and provided input for reasonable expectations. Results are as good or better than I expected. My field of vision is much improved and friends/family say I look 10 or 20 years younger after the face/neck lift and blepharoplasty. Based on the results I am considering an abdominal lift to erase the rest of the effects of my weight loss. Her entire staff are courteous, friendly, and caring. – Leslie S.

“I’m so excited by the results.”

During an annual visit with my physician we discussed the pros and cons of breast reduction surgery for me. At that time, he referred me to Dr. Leslie V. Cohen. Because back and neck pain were my primary complaints, Dr. Cohen sent me to physical therapy in an effort to relieve my pain. When physical therapy did not work, Dr. Cohen explained the breast reduction procedure, as well as what I could expect during and after the surgery. Additionally, it was important for her to know my expectations of the surgery. I had my surgery in September 2015.

Within minutes into my first office visit with her it was obvious to me she is a perfectionist in her work, professional, thorough, attentive and easy to communicate with. She is very patient and always spends ample time with me and makes me feel like I am her only patient. Dr. Cohen answers all of my questions and actually welcomes questions. The results of the surgery have far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Cohen’s incredible attention to detail is amazing. At three weeks into the healing process, I’m so excited by the results. — Kim M.

“Unrushed, personal care”

Thoughtful and sensitive, Dr. Cohen provided unrushed, personal care throughout my surgical process. Dr. Cohen approached my post-mastectomy breast reconstruction with meticulous attention and made the journey as collaborative as possible. Choosing Dr. Cohen for my breast reconstruction was not only a wise emotional decision but a sage medical decision as well. Richmond is fortunate to have Dr. Cohen as part of the medical community.– Jenny H.

“What a great experience!”

What a great experience! Dr. Cohen is an artist. I have seen her several times, and her demeanor is always warm and welcoming. She is an absolute professional who is very careful in the suggestions she gives and never “over does” anything. I could see the difference right away, and it was so natural. — Beth V.

“Combining medicine and kindness”

In today’s rushed world, it is rare, almost unheard of, to leave a doctor’s office feeling both educated and valued; but Dr. Cohen met that high-bar each and every time I came to her office.  I am forever thankful that I had her as my surgeon, and consider Dr. Cohen to be simply the best at combining medicine and kindness! – A.S.

“I feel normal again.”

After losing my right breast to breast cancer, I didn’t think I would ever feel normal again. I decided to meet with Dr. Cohen to discuss reconstruction. From the moment I met her I felt at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable… she addressed all of my concerns and told me exactly what to expect. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Cohen and her staff took excellent care of me… from Bonnie’s welcoming smile and can do attitude to Barry’s thoroughness and professionalism, the whole office runs like a well oiled machine. And the best part… I feel normal again. — K.K.


Doctor Leslie Cohen models how all surgeons should practice medicine; she teaches you your medical options to ensure she provides her patients individualized and compassionate care.  Her approach to medicine makes you a valued and educated partner in your own surgical journey.  Dr. Cohen is truly an expert in plastic surgery, and her surgical results are beautiful.

Dr. Cohen also has the respect of her peers in the medical community;  the oncologist and every hospital nurse that I met, during my two hospital stays, took their time to tell me that I was fortunate to have the best and most detailed plastic surgeon – I could not agree more!   I knew what was going to happen each step of the way, so I could just relax knowing Dr. Cohen was in charge of my care.   – Amy

“Dr. Cohen is indeed an artist”

I have many friends who have had asked me about my experience and I have told them that I am most pleased. It was a very healthy one which is what I was most concerned about. Dr. Cohen is indeed an “artist’ which is how the nurses at Retreat described her. She was always very thorough in all my exams and continues to be in post operative care. If I need any other reconstructive surgery, she is the one that I will contact. – M.B.

“Dr. Cohen and her staff obviously care . . . I am more than satisfied with the results.”

Dr. Cohen and her whole staff are professional and obviously care about their patients’ well being. In addition, Dr. Cohen seems to be a skilled practitioner of her art. I am more than satisfied with the results of the procedures she has performed for me. -Leslie S.

“Dr. Cohen kept me at ease.”

I would highly recommend Dr. Cohen. She is a very caring physician. I had a lipoma cyst removed from my abdomen. Dr. Cohen kept me at ease thru the entire process from my first office visit thru my surgery and follow up visits. I was not rushed thru. Dr. Cohen took the time to explain the surgery and answer all of my questions. – Jeff

“Dr. Cohen gave me the confidence of my pre-Breast cancer self again.”

I have had 3 surgeries under the steady hands of Dr. Cohen. A Bilateral Mastectomy, Reconstruction and a follow up Reconstruction surgery. With each experience, Dr. Cohen, her staff and her OR Team have showed nothing but care, love and support for you the patient and your family. She is precise, delicate and aims for perfection, which I believe I received all of these. Going through a disease such as Cancer, can alter your spirit, your heart and more importantly being secure and confidant in your own skin…Dr. Cohen gave me the confidence of my pre-Breast cancer self again. Whatever path leads you to this line of medical assistance, you will be very happy with the care and service you will be the recipient of, if you choose these hands.– Melissa

“I had a great surgeon and her wonderful staff taking care of me.”

I felt very comfortable with all the information and decisions that Dr.Cohen and I made. She was there always for me. She genuinely cares about you. She made me feel very comfortable when making decisions about my reconstruction. She also has a wonderful staff. They were very helpful and caring as well. All I know, is that I had a great surgeon and her wonderful staff taking care of me. I was very blessed. – Linda M.

“Dr. Cohen has an abundance of patience . . . I am extremely satisfied.”

Dr. Cohen has an abundance of patience and has a way of explaining the procedures very simply and clearly. Her work is clean and my wounds are fine and clear. I feel extremely satisfied with her work. Her staff is wonderful and was a big help in getting me through this process. I want to thank her and her team for giving me my smile back.– Mariluz G.

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