Starting the year with gratitude!

As we greet 2017 and look back at 2016 we recognize and thank all of the amazing people who expertly helped us move into our new space and make it look and feel so warm and inviting!

Charlie Polk of Jones Lang LaSalle Americs, Inc. worked tirelessly with us to help locate just the right space for our growing practice. Cheryl Hummel of Hummel Associates along with Cindy Loshkreff of R1 Furnishings and DJ Kang, designed the space and the interior to make it both functional and beautiful. Mark Lambour of Benchmark Contracting and his team did an amazing job of building out Cheryl’s plans.
John Minor of Westwick Studios provided custom upholstery to the chairs and sofa. Phil Uzzell reupholstered our exam room tables. Gladys Brenner of AB Design designed and installed beautiful interior signage. Ginny Lawrence and Jamie Machich of Image 360 did a great job with design and installation of our door and driveway signage. Jason Hodges of Paragon Business Services managed the IT side of the move and kept our systems functioning seamlessly, while Ed Seitz of Seitz Technologies managed our phones.

Avery Lynn of Designer Deliveries expertly moved us to our new office. Our dear photographer, Kim Brundage, came on site to photograph our wonderful staff and beautiful new space. We could not have done this without the love, support and expertise of Ruth Nathanson Greene who helped and guided the process at many steps along the way.

Thank you especially to our amazing, dedicated staff: our talented office manager, Meredith Robinson, and our wonderful nurses, Barry Clifford and Julie Scott, who worked on every aspect of the move so that our new space functions smoothly and feels like home.
We also welcome Shoshanah Montgomery, who joined us at the front desk and jumped right in to help keep everything running smoothly.
Thank you Susan Collett and the team at Richmond Pediatric Associates for their warm welcome to the neighborhood.
Last but not least, we thank Dr. Richard Redman of Advanced Plastic Surgery for all of his continued support and encouragement!
From all of us, we wish you a Healthy, Peaceful, and Happy New Year filled with Joy and Confidence!

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