Introducing Kimberly Brundage

We know that how we look does not define who we are or what we can accomplish, but the truth is our self- image can affect our confidence. When we feel confident we approach whatever task or challenge we are facing with an attitude of success.

In this segment of Confidence Corner, we would like to introduce you to Kimberly Brundage, an accomplished business woman in Richmond who has dedicated her talents to empowering people to feel more confident by allowing them to see the beauty in themselves that others see. Kim is a talented photographer who has a Master’s degree in public health and worked in the health care industry for 20 years. Working with and understanding people made her realize that she could use her talents to help people understand themselves better and feel confident about the image they project. She was brave enough to switch career paths and launch her own business, Kim Brundage Photography, which has now been running strong since 2011.

Kim says that she never really saw herself as beautiful even though others told her she was. She felt she was wasting a lot of energy making disparaging remarks every time she looked in the mirror. She studied different poses and lighting and decided to put herself in front of the camera because, like many women, she didn’t like pictures of herself. While expecting to delete all the images she took of herself, instead she finally saw the beautiful woman that others had been seeing all along! She had learned how to capture the best version of herself and this is what she is passionate about sharing with others.

How does she do it? Kim has assembled an amazing team of artists, including make-up, hair and wardrobe specialists who work with her to create portraits for her clients that change the way they think of themselves. However, it is more than that. She is able to combine her photography talents with her people skills to help her clients project their best image from within for her to capture with her camera.

Kim took many of the portraits you see of Dr. Cohen on this site. Dr. Cohen’s staff all had similar reactions when they saw the photos – Kim had revealed the beautiful person they all knew! When asked how she did it, Kim explained that she had Dr. Cohen visualize a particular time when she had been able to achieve a great result for a patient and to recall the patient’s reaction – an there it was, that genuine smile of joy and satisfaction in having helped her patient.

Kim believes that “when a woman sees a beautiful picture of herself, it changes her. We want women to change the way they see and treat themselves. By having a beautiful portrait of yourself it will remind you to live a richer, braver, fuller life. It will also challenge the way you see yourself, love yourself and accept all that you are.”

The truth is that people Google you to see what you are about and every form of social media asks you to upload a picture of yourself. Your image can convey your professionalism and your personal brand. Kim has helped many people ensure that their best image is out there for the world to see. We admire Kim’s confidence and entrepreneurial spirit and appreciate the work that she is doing to empower confidence in others. We encourage you to take a look at Kim’s website and see the many Richmonders she is helping show their confident side.

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